Train accidentsOften, a car passenger injured by a train is able to recover from the negligent driver of the car they were in. Occasionally, in Minnesota Cases the person injured by the train can recover from a bar or liquor store if an illegal sale of alcohol caused the driver of their car to collide with a train. Illegal sales of alcohol include: 1) sales to minors, 2) after-hours sales, 3) sales to a non-member of a club and/or 4) the sale of alcohol to a person who is already intoxicated. These “dram shop” cases are difficult and require prompt and thorough investigation.

Our firm is located in the beautiful Mississippi River Valley. Unfortunately, most of the river towns in both Minnesota and Wisconsin have railroad tracks carrying from 25 to 50 trains a day through their communities. While various Federal laws attempt to limit an injured family’s rights to pursue claims against the railroads, we are able to help explain a family’s options in cases involving either car/train or pedestrian/train injuries. While cases against the railroads are difficult and rarely successful, a careful analysis of the case is important.

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