Auto accidentDeath cases require a thorough investigation and the careful preservation of evidence. The deceased family member is no longer able to give us their version of how the crash, fall or other event causing their death happened. This requires us to work with the family to gather as much information as possible – as soon as possible. We gather police reports and accident reconstruction reports. Our Investigators take statements from witnesses and photograph the scene and vehicles to help us better understand how the family member was killed.  When necessary, we hire experts to analyze the evidence.

In our Minnesota cases, we help the family select a trusted family member to serve as trustee for the deceased’s family. In all of our cases we help the family gather and present evidence to the insurance companies that proves the value of the family’s loss. By working with the family and the deceased’s former employer and accountant or tax preparer we help establish the economic loss suffered by the family.  Through interviews with the family, friends and co-workers, we help the family describe and quantify the true value of having lost a loved one.

Through it all we are available 24/7 to answer questions and help identify resources that can assist the family as they try to cope with their unexpected loss.


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