Dog Bite or Burn Injury

Dog bite or burn injury attorneyOver the years we have helped horribly scarred people who were:

  • cut when they hit the windshield in a car wreck
  • mauled by a dog
  • scratched by a cat
  • scalded by boiling hot tap water
  • scarred with road rash when their cycle went down.

In all of these cases we have learned a great deal about the significant injury known as “scarring.” Cosmetic surgeons and members of burn units have taught us that sensitive scar tissue is susceptible to windburn, sunburn, cracking and peeling. Scarred skin itches and causes deep psychological wounds. Our photographer can accurately capture the scar and preserve it for use with the insurance company adjuster.

We have worked with veterinarians to help prove the ferocity of various dog breeds, and to establish the unsuitability of the breed for daycare providers.